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Phasmophobia custom difficulty coming this month

According to development post by Kinetic Games on Steam, Kinetic stated that the original roadmap didn't worked out the plan while still giving the community three smaller patches of content to fill the gap for the originally planned custom difficulty which have been pushed back for couple months.

Kinetic claims that the roadmap above will be more accurately represent about the previous patches and future updates. Custom difficulty will be added soon within this month and they might release a update trailer about this major update and maybe some other new features waiting to be announced.

Besides, Kinetic also said that the Progression update is still split into parts, and most of it has been pushed back into 2023 but also they will be bringing the Horror 2.0 update that gonna made the game feels more terrifying by replacing all of the ghost models and adding a plethora of new effects, events, sounds, and interactions to scare you out of your skin.


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