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Persona 5: Phantom X announced for iOS and Android, Playtest available at the official website.

Perfect World Games and Black Wings Game Studio have announced the <Persona 5: Phantom X> for iOS and Android, combining the same mechanics of the mainline alongside a brand new story and characters in the game. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

The <Persona 5: Phantom X> playtest is now available on the official website with no release date confirmed at the moment. Still, anyone who is interested in the upcoming hardcore RPG for mobile may check out their official website. Additionally, here are the screenshots for the game.

Players would take on the role of students, attending lessons during the day and participating in hobbies like baseball or watching movies with friends in their spare time. They can infiltrate the other world, which appears in the shape of palaces with various themes, after school and utilizes their Personas to engage in high-octane battles against enemies.

Meanwhile, you can also find the concept trailer below:

Source: P5X, PRTimes

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