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Palworld: Passive Metal Ingot Farming Guide

Palworld is currently the most popular game, achieving all-time highest sales on Steam. However, a question arises: as the game requires A LOT of metal to craft materials such as stronger palballs, firearms, and facilities, there is a query about whether there is any passive infrastructure for obtaining metal passively.

This short guide here will teach you how to get more metal.

In the mid-game of the game, after you are able to build a second base, it is ideal to construct the second base in an area full of ore.

An example of the best early mining spot is above the Desolate Church(60,-417).

Then, you can simply place pals that are above level 2 in mining to work in your second base there.

And there you go, once initiated, they will begin harvesting ore around the base and deposit it into the nearest chest. You can also set up a furnace for fast metal production, facilitating easy transfer to your main base.

Just make sure to provide a sufficient bed, food source, and bathtub to keep your pals healthy for gathering all the metal you need.

There you have it; just transfer the metal to your main base, and that's a simple passive metal collection.


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