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Overwatch 2 Bastion Gingerbread Legendary Skin Cost Only One Coin

One Overwatch Coin for the gingerbread bird

Blizzard has announced a new Legendary skin for Overwatch 2's Bastion, which is the Gingerbread Bastion. The new Legendary skin only cost 1 Overwatch Coin! Though the skin will not be there for a long time, players can purchase the skin in Overwatch 2 before Jan 2, 2023.

Overwatch Coins can be purchased with real currency or earned through weekly challenges. However, once you purchased the Bastion Legendary Skin, your Overwatch Coin balance will no longer be a nice round number. Unless Blizzard releases something like cosmetics that cost 1 Coin in the future.

(source: Esports.GG)

Besides, Overwatch 2 is having Winter Wonderland 2022 event, giving away Christmas-themed rewards to all players who log in before Jan 4, 2023. Rewards include the "Festive Wreath" weapon charm and a "2023" player icon.

Also, players can earn a Christmas-themed D.Va skin & D.Va Festive Victory Pose for free through a Twitch drop-enabled Livestream from Dec 25, 2022 till Jan 4, 2023.


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