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OPPO Reno11 F full review: Functionality at its best

The OPPO Reno11 F is the newest addition to the Reno11 series launched earlier this year. While it does share some similarities with its sibling models, there are quite a few notable differences. If you are still deciding whether to upgrade to one of the Reno11 models, this review will give you a third option before making your final call.


The Reno11 F comes in 3 different colours, all inspired by nature, namely Palm Green, Coral Purple and the hero colour for this series, Ocean Blue, which is the one right in my hands. The colour design truly lives up to its name, as you can see the azure wave patterns ripple differently at every angle, revealing the tranquil textures of shimmering whitecaps on the sea. This is particularly achieved by OPPO’s Magnetic Particle Design which creates natural 3D flowing textures that shift harmoniously across the cover as lighting changes. The aluminium side-frame is also painted blue to match the ocean theme. 

The phone is sleek and lightweight with a dimension of 161.1 x 74.7 x 7.5 mm and weight of 177g. The plastic back feels quite good in the hand surprisingly, though some might prefer a more premium material like the matte finish used in the sibling models. The back cover also reflects lighting quite obviously so at certain angles the wave pattern might appear less appealing.


The Reno11 F shines with a large, 6.7-inch Borderless AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This translates to vibrant colours, deep blacks, and silky-smooth scrolling for an immersive viewing experience. With a maximum brightness of 900 nits in bright environments, the display ensures sufficient visibility in sunlight, making your outdoor photo taking sessions more enjoyable than ever. With HDR10+ support, you can also unlock the peak brightness of 1100 nits when playing back HDR content, maximising your experience in both photo taking and entertainment.


When it comes to OPPO’s Reno series the highlight is definitely its camera features, and the Reno11 F does not hold back on this as well. It features a 64 + 8 +2 Mega Pixel Ultra-Clear Triple Camera system to capture detail-rich photos.The 64MP main camera combines a fast f/1.7 aperture lens with a main 25mm equivalent focal length, ensuring every photo you take is spot on in every detail.

From the photos, whether outdoor or indoor, under natural light or artificial light, all the details are nicely captured, and the colours are also accurately restored.

Under Portrait Mode, you will get the Natural light bokeh effect which is achieved through digital zoom, and there is also a 2X mode to further enhance the subject's prominence. The Portrait mode also applies to the 32MP selfie camera to help create a soft background for a sense of dimension.

The Reno11 F is able to deliver great portrait images thanks to the powerful OPPO Portrait Expert Engine. This process allows users to capture tasteful and beautiful photos by combining advanced technologies, which include facial recognition and subject separation, skin tone protection, feature enhancement, as well as portrait and environment merging. All these help to create a winning balance of clarity and soft-focus on your portrait shots.


The Reno11 F is powered by Mediatek’s Dimensity 7050, which is still a pretty decent chipset for mid-range smartphones. With up to 8GB RAM, and up to 8GB Dynamic RAM, matched with ColorOS14’s Trinity Engine, multitasking for moderate users will still be smooth and seamless. The 256GB internal storage should be sufficient for your daily photography needs, and in case you do need more to cope with your media, there is a microSD card slot that allows you to expand up to an additional 2TB.

I tried a few rounds of Honor of Kings on the Reno11 F and the performance is still quite acceptable. I had the “High” settings on both FPS and resolution whereas on overall graphic quality I proceeded with the system recommended settings which is the most basic power saving mode. Overall the game is able to run consistently and smoothly at 60 FPS without any lag, which is very vital when it comes to these fast-paced games, so you can be rest assured that the Reno11 F would be able to meet your casual gaming needs.


The Reno11 F also comes with ColorOS 14, packed with a lot of useful features. One of them which I found very useful is the Smart Image Matting. It allows you to cut out subjects from a photo quickly and easily, which you can then store it in the File Dock to be used in other applications, making editing works easier than ever. Other than portraits, the function also works well with other objects including animals and items.

Another Quality of Life improvement of the ColorOS 14 would be the Aqua Dynamics. It provides an on-screen floating widget for the corresponding app so you can keep track of real-time information without opening it in full screen. Currently Aqua Dynamic supports a few apps including timer, voice recorder, screen recording and Grab Ride as well, and I am definitely looking forward to more apps being supported in the future.


The large 5000mAh battery is a powerhouse, easily lasting a full day on a single charge with moderate usage. I tried testing the battery consumption with Youtube, and the results are quite impressive. An hour plus of Youtube Music connected to wireless earbuds drains the battery by around 4% whereas a 1 hour 30 minutes video at 1080p drains the battery by 10%.

The 67W SUPERVOOCTM fast charging ensures you're back up and running in no time. With the supplied power adapter, the Reno11 F 5G powers up to 62% in as little as 20 minutes, and 100% in just 48 minutes. 


The Oppo Reno11 F is currently priced at RM1,399 and it is surely a solid mid-range contender with a beautiful display, a capable camera system, and excellent battery life. While it does offer some compelling features, there is still some minor drawback which might be a concern for a few. I personally feel the back cover would look more astounding if it had a matte finish. For the camera system, the 64MP is sufficient to take excellent portraits, but the lack of a good telephoto lens might deter some users.

Overall, If you prioritise a smooth display, long battery life, and a feature-packed experience, the Reno11 F is a good option to consider. But if you are looking for a more premium feel or an all-rounded camera for different scenarios, you might want to explore other options in this competitive market.


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