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OPPO Find N3 Review - The Peak of the Premium Foldable Phone

Oppo Find N3 From: RM 7,999.00



Luxurious Design


Top-notch hardware performance

No IP rating

Best Camera for Foldable Phones

​Good Multitasking Phone

Introducing OPPO Find N3, OPPO reintroduces the comfortable width of Find N and Find N2, with added height for an unparalleled front and inner screen experience, enabling PC-level productivity. Boasting cutting-edge camera technology and the iconic Hasselblad imaging, coupled with OPPO's unwavering commitment to excellence, Find N3 stands as a true flagship in every aspect.

What's in the box?

Phone x 1

USB Data Cable x 1

Charger x 1

SIM Ejector Tool x 1

Quick Guide x 1

Safety Guide x 1

Protective Case x 1


A masterfully crafted balance of curves and angles defines the captivating style of Find N3, radiating confidence from its very essence. This device manages to strike the perfect equilibrium between a thin and lightweight design. Find N3 redefines possibilities with its feather-light 239g, rivaling the weight of popular non-folding phones. Its intentional design incorporates flat sides for a secure grip and a blasted metal frame that ensures a perfect hold, allowing for smooth and fumble-free opening and closing. This foldable masterpiece seamlessly fuses rich materials with thoughtful design, offering a supremely confident and unburdened two-in-one experience.

Meet your new Alert Slider on the Find N3—a seamless, one-step solution for swiftly toggling between silent, vibrate, and ring modes without the hassle of unlocking or glancing at the device. When you slide, Find N3 provides satisfying haptic feedback to indicate the active mode: a serene absence of vibration for silent, a rhythmic pulse for vibrate, and a prolonged vibration for ring.

In Champagne Gold colour, the Find N3's back panel and Cosmos Ring camera exude a luxurious and elegant golden confidence, carved seamlessly from a single piece of glass.


At the heart of the unbelievably thin, light, yet durable design of Find N3 lies our third-generation Flexion Hinge. This upgraded hinge system boasts a brand-new design incorporating super-rigid zirconium-based liquid metal, resulting in a 15% reduction in volume compared to its predecessor. This innovation not only facilitates the phone's ultra-thin and light construction but also introduces a self-developed aircraft-grade steel in the hinge—a metal five times stronger than traditional stainless steel, ensuring unparalleled strength and resilience.


With two screens from folding and unfolded, Find N3 shines with crisp, vibrant, and smooth visuals whether open or closed. Each screen is optimally sized for comfortable activities such as watching, working, messaging, and more.

While unfolded, Find N3 boasts a stunning 7.8” AMOLED display with a resolution of 2240 x 2268, delivering a pixel-perfect density of 426 PPI. With a 1440Hz PWM dimming feature and a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate, the display ensures a seamless visual experience. Supported by Dolby Vision and HDR10+, the screen reaches an impressive brightness of 1400 nits (HBM) and peaks at 2800 nits, providing a vivid and high-quality viewing experience.

While folded, the 6.3” AMOLED display of this device offers a striking visual experience, featuring a resolution of 2484 x 1116 and an pixel density of 431 PPI. With Ultra-thin Nanocrystal Glass, Find N3’s front screen has been tested to withstand tens of thousands of point-to-point collisions.


Find N3's camera system empowers your creative endeavors with three pro-grade flagship cameras. The 48MP wide camera, equipped with a Sony LYTIA-T808 1/1.43” sensor, features an f/1.7 aperture lens with optical image stabilization (OIS) and a 24mm equivalent focal length. The 64MP telephoto camera, boasting a 1/2” sensor and f/2.6 aperture lens, offers a 70mm equivalent focal length. Additionally, the 48MP ultra-wide camera, utilizing a Sony IMX581 1/2” sensor and f/2.2 aperture lens, captures a broad 114-degree field of view with a 14mm equivalent focal length.

Wide Angle Find N3's new stacked pixel camera opens up possibilities for photos that are rich in information, capturing details across shadows and highlights with precision. As evidenced by all the photos on this page, taken with Find N3's wide camera, the images exude exceptional quality and clarity.

Telephoto Equipped with an OPPO customized ultra-thin periscope system, the telephoto camera on Find N3 enjoys the advantages of a swift F2.6 aperture and advanced OIS stabilization, featuring a floating prism structure. The high resolution and optical quality of the 64MP periscope telephoto enable Find N3 to achieve a 3x optical zoom, a 6x lossless zoom achieved by cropping within the sensor, and an impressive up to 120x digital zoom.

(The picture below is shown 1x, 5x, 30x, 60x, 120x digital zoom by order)

Hasselblad Portrait With the addition of Hasselblad Portrait Mode, Find N3 offers arguably the best portrait shooting experience on a smartphone. Whether utilizing the main or selfie camera, Find N3 is your partner in creating a bold and captivating portrait look.

FlexForm Capture For a more dynamic and controlled capture, simply part-fold the device, and the camera activates in FlexForm Mode. This innovative mode divides the main display, pushing the preview to the top half and the camera controls to the bottom. This arrangement is perfect for tripod-steady captures on a surface, providing a convenient and versatile approach to photography with Find N3.


Empowered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM, and a spacious 512GB of UFS 4.0 storage, Find N3 goes a step further with OPPO’s Dynamic Computing Engine, effortlessly maintaining over 40 apps running in the background. This powerhouse combination translates to gaming experiences at maximum graphics settings and high frame rates, as well as seamless execution of demanding tasks like 4K video editing without encountering any slowdowns.


Indulge in outstanding battery life with Find N3's capacious 4800mAh battery, coupled with the advanced power management features of ColorOS 13.2. Get powered up by 35% after just 10 minutes of charging Find N3's high-capacity battery with 67W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charging technology, it delivers fast, safe power, charging over 80% in 30 minutes and achieving a full charge in just 42 minutes.

Feature: Boundless View

Experience seamless multitasking with Boundless View on Find N3, effortlessly flowing across two full-screen apps on its expansive 7.8” display. Unlike traditional split-screen methods that have limitations, Boundless View provides the extra space needed for navigating large documents, searching through extensive photo collections, or browsing the web. Find N3's Boundless View not only unlocks full-screen multitasking but also allows the convenience of dragging and dropping files from one app to another.

To Activate Boundless View

1. Launch two apps in split-screen view

2.Now you can either: Tap the bar at the top of each app and select Expand View or simply drag app frame, expanding each app to a full-screen view


The OPPO Find N3 presents itself not just as a product but as a work of art. Breaking away from market conventions, it incorporates not one, not two, but three powerful cameras, revolutionizing the landscape for foldable devices. This, in addition to the already impressive synergy between hardware and software, ensures a delightful user experience for various purposes. While we may express a desire for a more compact size or an IP certification, the OPPO Find N3 stands as the foldable device to surpass, particularly catering to photography enthusiasts who have long awaited this essential smartphone feature.

Get your premium OPPO Find N3 now at the official website HERE


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