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OnePlus Shows Off Colour-Changing Concept Phone

OnePlus has showed off a new concept phone called the OnePlus 8T Concept, which is based on the OnePlus 8T that was announced in October.

The OnePlus 8T Concept features a colour-changing rear design that utilizes metal oxide-containing film. The film changes colour via the application of different voltages, with the device being able to change from silver to dark blue and black. It’s not just for aesthetics, as the colour change can be used to indicate phone call notifications, for instance.

Image source: OnePlus (via The Verge)

In addition, the concept phone has a mmWave radar module in its camera bump, which allows the phone to “perceive, image, locate, and track objects” via electromagnetic waves. One way it can be utilized is by allowing users to accept or reject calls by simply waving their hand, due to its ability to detect hand movement. A fancier function offered by the mmWave radar module is tracking users’ breaths. The previously-mentioned colour-changing feature can be used in conjunction with the breath-tracking as well by changing colour according to the user’s breathing.

As cool as all this sounds, there aren’t any plans for the OnePlus 8T Concept to be sold commercially. Let’s just hope that some of the tech and features showcased, like its hand-waving detection, show up in some of OnePlus’ future devices.

Sources: The Verge, GSMArena


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