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[Offer] Best Audiobox Bluetooth Speakers Under RM70

Looking for fresh compact Bluetooth speakers with great sound quality for you to share your favorite music with your friends and family? Here are the best valuable Bluetooth speakers from Audiobox under RM70 for your consideration!

Audiobox 2GO-RDO 20

Price: RM69.90

In this case, the Audiobox 2GO-RDO 20 is the most suitable Bluetooth speaker to bring along to travel and outdoor activities. It is covered with sturdy plastic and weighs 238g. It also supplies a strap for you to hang it around or wrap it on your wrist for carrying it on the go.

Besides, it also comes with an external antenna for FM radio. Not only that, 2GO-RDO 20 also offers various connectivity for users with its USB-A, Micro SD card slot, and Bluetooth 5.0 (8m), making it compatible with various external devices you own.

It uses a wired Micro USB charging as well as solar charge thanks to its solar panel at the back which comes in handy when you have a limited power source. For wired Micro USB charging, it will take about 2 hours to fully charge the speaker for 4 hours of music playback duration.

Moreover, the 2GO-RDO 20 packs a built-in flashlight that comes in handy in emergencies. Speaking of emergencies, you can even use the speaker to charge up your smartphone. It will not fully charge your smartphone with its 500mAh battery capacity, but it should keep your phone live for a little longer.

In summary, the Audiobox 2GO-RDO 20 Bluetooth speaker is able to stream music with decent sound quality, with barely noticeable bass. Still, it is a solid Bluetooth speaker to bring it to camping.


Audiobox 2GO-DOCK 100

Price: RM69.90

This Bluetooth speaker is built for the best combo for video streaming purposes. The Audiobox 2GO-DOCK 100 is covered with fabric material around the chassis with a sturdy plastic at the upper part. It is available in Black and Color Camo (Army). Same as the Audiobox 2GO-RDO 20, it is equipped with a strap that is easy to carry around.

You can place your smartphone on the phone docking station on top of the speaker after connecting to Bluetooth for the best movie streaming experience. The 2GO-DOCK 100 full charge will take about 2 hours to support around 4 hours of music playback duration.

And for connectivity, it comes with a USB-A port, Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth 5.3 (10m), AUX, and FM radio. However, you need to plug in the Micro USB cable provided in the box to use FM radio services.

Most importantly, the TWS support allows users to connect 2GO-DOCK 100 other external devices at the same time as well as using it as a speakerphone with its built-in microphone.

Overall, the 2GO-DOCK 100 speaker's 66mm driver sound quality is slightly better compared to 2GO-RDO 20 Bluetooth speaker, especially the bass. The Audiobox 2GO-DOCK 100, with its distinct high and low tones and various connections, is available for only RM69.90.

Both Bluetooth speakers from Audiobox do provide a special feature for users. As said, the Audiobox 2GO-RDO 20 is equipped with a solar panel you could use for charging; whereas the Audiobox 2GO-DOCK 100 is ideal for your personal home theater with its phone dock. Do check out these speakers on Shopee and Audiobox's official websites if you're interested.

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