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Off-road Driving Game Mud Runner Free on Epic Games Store This Week

The Epic Games Store is back with another free game this week. This time, it’s offering off-road sandbox driving game Mud Runner.

As the store page describes, the game will send you across the Siberian landscape with naught but a map and compass to guide you on your journey to deliver stuff and complete other objectives. You’ve got 19 all-terrain vehicles with different traits and attachable equipment, and can drive with up to three other players in co-op.

Other features include dynamic day-night cycles, obstacles like muddy terrain and fierce rivers, and a physics engine that ensures that those obstacles respond to your chosen vehicle in realistic ways.

Aside from the base game, there's a bunch of DLC which offer new vehicles and maps. Some like The Ridge and The Valley are free, while the American Wilds Expansion is currently half-off.

If you’re not keen on spending your weekend with Mud Runner, the Epic Games Store is also having its Black Friday sale until December 3. Check it out here.


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