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Nvidia To Announce New GPU Architecture In September

Nvidia is getting ready to announce its next-gen GPU architecture in September amidst rumours of new RTX 40-series GPUs

According to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang during an earnings call, he said the company will detail its latest architecture, codenamed Lovelace, at GTC 2022 in September. He noted this when discussing with investors the decline in gaming revenue seen by the company.

“We’ll get through this over the next few months and go into next year with our new architecture,” Huang said.

While a new GPU architecture doesn’t mean the new RTX 40-series GPU cards will be coming soon, it does give a good indication of their plans. In addition, the excess supply of GPUs Nvidia is currently experiencing could mean they would want to get rid of it before releasing a new line-up.

Nvidia’s GTC 2022 conference will run from 19 to 22 September.


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