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Nvidia Set to Launch GeForce RTX 50 Laptops in 2025!

Nvidia plans on launching the GeForce RTX 50 series for their laptops in 2025, and are set to feature several variants with 16GB, 12GB, and 8GB GDDR7 memory, all of which to cater to different preferences. The RTX series will showcase a flagship RTX 5090 with a dual-fan cooling system and compact design requiring two PCIe slots.

Nvidia's upcoming series of laptops, which are codenamed GN22 has appeared in leaked materials, suggesting that there will be a range of high-performing options for both gamers and professionals alike.

The next generation RTX 50 series will continue to build on the current GPUs in order to overcome the limit of the laptop graphics performance. This development comes after Nvidia's milestone after they managed to surpass Apple in market value after the rise demand for AI technology. This made Nvidia the second-largest public company in the United States.

According to leakers, the new generation of laptops will have six different variants, listed from the the most powerful to the least: X11, X9, X7, X6, X4, and X2. In addition, the GB203, GB205, GB206 and GB207 GPUs, will be used independently but may not be pin-compatible.

While they will be launching the RTX 2050 models, Nvidia still aims to sell its RTX 4050, RTX 3050, and RTX 2050 models in 2025. Though, the RTX 2050 is expected to replace the RTX 3050 4GB.


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