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Now You Can Feel Holier-Than-Thou in This New Jesus Simulator

We've been PC builders, we've been surgeons, and we've even been bread...but being Jesus Christ is entering whole new territory, even for the inherently wacky genre of simulators.

According to their Steam page, I Am Jesus Christ comes with a whole host of fascinating features, like an open world environment where you presumably wander around finding lucky souls to bless with your arsenal of over 30 miracles.

It gets really deep into role-playing as well, with a 'realistic fight with Satan' listed as one of the game's highlights, alongside Jesus' iconic crucifixion and resurrection experience.

What is going on here?!

The rest of the screenshots also tell an interesting story - we get to see Jesus apparently recharging his holy power meter by receiving blessings from heaven, washing his disciples' feet, and we even catch a glimpse of the unfortunate makan gathering with his traitorous buddies.

Will you be playing this religious - or sacrilegious - experience? #iamjesuschrist #simulationgames


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