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No Cinemas? Here's How You Can Go On Netflix Dates with Your Buddies

Feeling bummed that cinemas have been temporarily shut down? Don't worry, there's a solution that allows you to watch movies with your friends while maintaining appropriate social distancing measures!

If you own a Netflix account and use Chrome as your main browser, then the Netflix Party Chrome extension might come in especially handy during these two weeks.

The extension allows you to create watch parties - or 'Netflix Parties' - where you can invite your friends to watch the same movie at the same time with you. It will be synchronised to the party leader's playback, and you can even chat and react in real time via a private chatroom!

You can start a Netflix Party in just a few simple steps:

  1. Install Netflix Party: Visit this link and click 'Add to Chrome'

  2. Choose your show: Select the movie or show you want click the red NP icon

  3. Invite your friends: Share the URL to your buddies, who can click on the red NP icon to join the Party!

On a side note, if you're a monster who enjoys talking to people about a movie WHILE it's ongoing, you can also create a Discord party to further replicate your usual cinema experience as an auditory nuisance. (Just don't jio me and other courteous movie-going humans, ok?)

'But what if I don't use Netflix OR Chrome?' you cry.

Well, there's always the option of downloading a movie (not that we recommend or encourage piracy) and syncing play by doing a manual countdown, eh?

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