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Nintendo Wants You to Work(out) from Home - Releases "Jump Rope Challenge" for Free

Even as COVID-19 movement restrictions are slowly being lifted, a lot of us are still working from home and slowly turning into potatoes due to the lack of physical activity. Thus, Nintendo is encouraging people to ditch their sedentary lifestyle and start working out at home by offering a new fitness game for free to Switch owners.

"Jump Rope Challenge" works as simply as it sounds - you utilise the Joycons to mimic the motion of jumping rope to rack up high scores while getting your daily dose of exercise in. Unfortunately, this means the Switch Lite users will have to sit out due to the lack of detachable Joycons.

It keeps track of your daily progress and has a 2-player mode, so you can play and compete with a friend to keep things challenging.

Those who are interested (why not, it's free) can download it from the Nintendo eShop or check it out here.

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