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Nintendo Switch Online May Include Game Boy and Game Boy Colour Titles Soon

According to Nintendo insider NateDrake in his latest "Nate the Hate" podcast, Nintendo might be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Colour titles over the coming weeks. Nintendo Life has also confirmed the statement that the titles are likely to come on Switch Online "really soon"

While we still don't know how soon that will be, we can expect the expansion of the service with old but iconic video game titles. The Nintendo Switch Online service currently supports temporary free NES and SNES for gamers to subscribe.

Some popular Gameboy games include Tetris, Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong Land, Kirby's Dream Land, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and many more. Meanwhile, famous Game Boy Colour titles include The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Gold, and many more.

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