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Nintendo Fan Replaces His Car Steering Wheel With A Wii Wheel

A Nintendo fan decided to take car customisation to the next level when he replaced his steering wheel with a Mario Kart Wii wheel.

TikTok user Tyler Atkin, aka ttptng, shared a video of him using the Wii wheel to drive his Mazda Miata, calling it a Wiinata.

Another video showed him driving his car with the Wii wheel. However, he notes that it was hard to control and does not recommend doing so.

This strange story doesn’t stop here. With encouragement from viewers, ttptng decided to change more parts of his car with Wii accessories. He replaced his gearstick with a Wii nunchuck and a Wii Sports baseball bat as an emergency brake.

He also decided to replace his car’s radio and fit a Wii console inside.

While many would question the practicality of these changes, it is still an amusing thing to see regardless.


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