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New PlayStation 5 model CFI-1202 features a smaller AMD SoC "Oberon Plus"

PlayStation 5 comes with 6nm AMD Oberon Plus SoC that consumes less power.

Sony recently did a refresh of its PS5 console with a new model known as CFI-1202 that consume less power and produce less heat. The new version of PS5 mainboard appears to be lighter, cooler, and smaller, but also an updated silicon powering the console. A teardown video of PS5 model CFI-1202 has been published by Austin Evans few weeks ago.

The changes on new variant of PS5 have been confirmed by Angstromomics, the new Sony PS5 (CFI-1202) comes with an enhanced AMD Oberon SOC known as Oberon Plus which utilizes the TSMC N6 process (6nm). This new chip will be replacing the older 7nm graphics chip of the original Sony PlayStation 5. The picture below will show a comparison between the two graphics chip. The left one is 6nm Oberon Plus and the right will be 7nm Oberon (old chip).

(image source: Angstronomics)

With its die shrink, the new Oberon Plus offers the PS5 CFI-1202 models substantial advantages. According to TSMC, the N6 delivers 18% higher logic density over the N7 process while having lower power consumption and in return for better cooling.

As a result, Sony can provide more Oberon Plus chips for the PS5 without increasing the cost of those chips, which will help to further lessen the market shortages that the current-gen consoles have had since their release. Angstronomics also states that TSMC will phase out 7nm Oberon in the future and move entirely to 6nm Oberon Plus SoC which will result in 50% more chips to be made per wafer. Microsoft Xbox Series, which are also based on 7nm AMD SoC are to be updated with 6nm designs in the future as well.


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