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New Leaks Suggests That Optimus Prime is Coming to Fortnite

Autobot is rolling out on Fortnite according to data miners. The Fortnite Optimus Prime skin will be in Chapter 4 Season 3 as shown in the leaked key art on Twitter. As can see from @HYPEX's tweet, it shows that Optimus Prime is racing through the tropical jungle biome.

In addition, @HYPEX also confirmed that the Fortnite Optimus Prime skin will be in the battle pass, which players can access to the skin around Friday, June 9, 2023 which is the end of the current season.

Aside from the Optimus Prime skin, there is also a Summer Meowscles skin and a Mechanic skin made available in the tropical biome as well as new rideable raptors that will "get exhausted" in the game.

Source: u/Ambushments, @HYPEX

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