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New Dualshock 4 Lineup Available October 1st

A week ago, Sony revealed via the PlayStation Blog a brand-new range of colours for the Dualshock 4 controller, slated for released in 'Fall 2019'.

Now, we finally have a concrete release date: October 1st 2019.

The Rose Gold seems to be the star of this release, as it is the only colour to be blessed with a matching headset so pretty it would make your inner basic bitch squeal and start planning your ~aesthetic~ Instagram post. (Don't worry, I'm guilty too.)

Note: The Rose Gold wireless headset will be released at a later date, some time in November.

The controllers are priced at USD64.99 (~RM272) each, while the Rose Gold wireless headset retails for a cool USD99.99 (~RM419).

Which one will you be adding to your collection?

Bear in mind that while October 1st is the release date in the US, it may take some time for these beauties to reach our shores, so be prepared for a (hopefully short) wait!


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