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Netflix partner with Ubisoft to bring three exclusive mobile games to members beginning in 2023

Netflix Games Provides More Gaming Options to All Audiences.

Netflix and Ubisoft announced today plans to launch three mobile games based on the world's most popular gaming franchises for release on Netflix in 2023. Three titles were introduced today at Ubisoft's annual digital event, Ubisoft Forward. Brave Hearts, Mighty Quest, and Assassins Creed will be accessible exclusively to Netflix members globally, with no commercials or in-app purchases on mobile devices.

The first game in this partnership will be a sequel to Valiant Hearts, a puzzle-adventure set during World War I. It will be released in January 2023 by the same team that created the first Valiant Hearts: The Great War in 2014.

A sequel to The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is also in the development. Both of these games will be released in 2023, with Valiant Hearts debuting in January and the Mighty Quest sequel following in 2023.

Finally, the third game and possibly the most exciting will be a new Assassin's Creed title. The game doesn't yet have a title, and most of it is still unconfirmed, but fans do know that it will premiere alongside the impending Assassin's Creed Netflix live-action TV series although none of these has a release date.


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