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Netflix Brings AV1 Streaming to Smart TVs and PlayStation 4 Pro

Netflix announced that it now supports AV1 streaming for compatible smart TVs and the PS4 Pro. AV1 is a royalty-free codec that has an improved compression system that allows huge data efficiency savings without reducing video quality.

In Netflix's testing, the reduced data consumption with AV1 results in up to 38% noticeable drops in image quality on slower internet connections. Play delay reduces by 2% as it takes less bandwidth to stream at higher resolutions and the average duration spent at 4K on 4K streams increases by about 5%.

According to The Verge, the list of supported devices for AV1 streaming includes:

  • Select Samsung 2020 UHD Smart TVs

  • Select Samsung 2020 UHD QLED Smart TVs

  • Select Samsung 2020 8K QLED Smart TVs

  • Samsung The Frame 2020 Smart TVs

  • Samsung The Serif 2020 Smart TVs

  • Samsung The Terrace 2020 Smart TVs

  • Any TV connected to a PS4 Pro streaming with the Netflix app

  • Select Amazon Fire TV devices with Fire OS 7 and above

  • Select Android TV devices with Android OS 10 and above


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