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MPS and KPDNHEP Have Set Ceiling Prices for Face Masks - 3-Ply Now Capped at RM2 Per Unit

Finally, a solution to price gouging. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, prices of hygiene essentials such as face masks and hand sanitisers have gone through the roof, partially in response to sharp increase in demand due to panic buying and hoarding.

Now, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) and Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) have announced ceiling prices to prevent profiteering off the pandemic.

Retail prices are now capped for all types of masks:

  • 1-ply: RM0.15 per unit / RM7.00 per box

  • 2-ply: RM0.20 per unit / RM10.00 per box

  • 3-ply: RM2.00 per unit / RM100.00 per box

  • N95: RM6.00 per unit

Wholesale prices are also cheaper for all non-N95 masks - with savings up to RM25 per box of 3-ply masks.

Although some netizens have remarked that these prices are still way higher than they were pre-pandemic, it's still comforting that there's now a legal limit to how high the prices can go.


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