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Most Used Spiral Abyss Characters In Genshin

Genshin Impact’s most famous (and only) endgame content is the Spiral Abyss, a series of challenges that require players to clear the floor in the shortest time possible for the best rewards.

Many players see this area as a way to test their character builds, using the many characters available in the game to see which one clears the most effectively. However, with any game with builds, there will also be “meta” characters.

A Reddit post by user OH_N- shared a post detailing the player pick rate of specific characters for the Spiral Abyss. The most used character was Kazuha with a percentage of 84.3%, followed by Bennett with 79.4%, Zhongli at 77.9% and Yelan at 76.6%.

This statistic is not a surprise given that Kazuha is one of the best supports in the game, followed by Bennett whose buffs are a major help to players wanting to fully clear the Spiral Abyss.

With Genshin Impact updating to version 3.0 soon, could we see new characters shake up the current Spiral Abyss team composition? Only time will tell.

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