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Mobile MMORPG Blade & Soul: Revolution Launches in Select Asian Territories

Looking for a new MMORPG to grind your life away? Acclaimed Korean fantasy-martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul now has a mobile version, called Blade & Soul: Revolution, which was launched in select Asian territories today, with a global release to follow soon.

The description on its store page describes it as a 'true community MMORPG', with an open field faction war involving up to 500 players for each server.

Combat-wise, it promises skill combinations reminiscent of fighting games, and of course, special class-based skills with their own combinations. You can also team up with comrades to deal devastating blows with Joint-Attacks.

The story follows your journey to avenge the death of your master, and boasts over 150 high-quality cinematics and 3D backgrounds.

As for minimum requirements on Android phones, a minimum of 3GB RAM and OS6 or higher is recommended, while the iOS version recommends OS11 or higher for a smooth experience.

You can download it from the Google Play Store and AppStore now.

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