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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Is Celebrating 5th Anniversary with New Campaign, Project, and More

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is celebrating its 5th anniversary with an All-Star match campaign and Project NEXT patch, where players will be able to redeem a free "Miya" anniversary skin.

From now until 12 September, players can vote for their favourite influencers to participate in the All-Star match, which will see more than 60 esports athletes and influencers competing to win exclusive prizes from Razer. Players will have to log in to their MLBB accounts to vote. Each player is entitled to cast 10 votes a day.

The match will be streamed live on 2 October at 8pm across Facebook, YouTube, and MLBB's official website. Players will receive an additional voting ticket by sharing the voting microsite on Facebook with the #MLBB5HAREFUN hashtag. The voting results will be revealed between 19 - 22 September.

Besides the All-Star stage, MLBB will also release a fifth-anniversary theme song in the Malay language, exclusively in Malaysia. The teaser will be released on 17 September and the full music video will be available on 18 August.

From 21 September - 8 October, players can log in to the game to redeem the "Miya" skin for free. Players can expect four heroes who will be redesigned from skills to character models: Lancelot, Odette, Hayabusa, and Kagura.

In addition, there will be new UI effects added to the lobby screen in December, which feature a day and night system, reflecting real-time periods. There will also be a limited-time skin draw from 22 September - 15 October. Players can also expect the first skins from a new theme from 24 September - 24 October.


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