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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Debuts "Project NEXT" Logo and First Changes

Earlier this year, popular mobile title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang announced Project NEXT, an extensive overhaul of the game, including revamps of heroes and improvements to controls.

The first hero to receive a makeover is none other than Miya, the choice of newbies and veterans alike. She has received a new costume and weapon which supposedly makes her look more 'gentle and brave'. Her face also seems to have been tweaked; she now seems to be suffering from a case of 'anime face' - but hey, if that's what fans like, who am I to judge?

Her skills have also been adjusted, with her enhanced Passive and Skill 2 increasing her damage output, improving her control capabilities, and granting her more flexible positioning.

Next on the factory line is Alucard. There won't be major changes to his appearance, but he will be receiving minor tweaks to his skill set to enhance his lethality on 1v1 situations.

His Passive has been changed to a massive damage on a single target, as opposed to bonus damage upon hitting multiple targets. His Ultimate has also been reworked - now, it no longer grants lifesteal, but deals extra damage on marked targets instead. The skill damage can trigger his Passive skill, which effectively turns him into a fearsome killer.

Project NEXT is slated to be a long-term project focusing on enhancing player experience via cosmetic, mechanic, and experential upgrades. In view of that, the official Projext NEXT logo has been revealed, along with the rationale behind its design.

Gold symbolizes glory, justice, and passion. The dazzling blue gem comes from the in-game defense turret, which not only represents hope, but also acts as a beacon to guide us forward.
The v-shaped part at the bottom, which is like a reflection of a mountain peak, symbolizes the past achievements and the whole fresh adventure awaits, just as the name 'NEXT' implies.

With the first changes just starting to trickle out from the developer, you can expect more upgrades to the game you know and love to be announced in stages over the next few years. Here's hoping that the game will stay fresh and relevant well into the next decade!


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