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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Celebrates 5th Anniversary with All-Star Funmatch on 2 October

In celebration of its 5th anniversary, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) will be holding the All-Star Funmatch with local celebrities and influencers lead by Ismail Izzani and girl group DOLLA's Sabronzo on 2 October.

The match will be live-streamed starting from 8pm on the MLBB YouTube channel and Facebook page. The participating influencers are as follows:

Team Sabronzo

  1. Sabronzo (Captain)

  2. Soloz

  3. Ombong Haha

  4. Asyraf Rozami

  5. HomeBois Aul

Team Ismail

  1. Ismail (Captain)

  2. XK Penjahat

  3. Daddyhood

  4. Intan Serah

  5. Geek Fam Xorn

The winning team will be able to donate to a local charity under their name to aid those who are affected during the pandemic.

Fans can log in to the game from now until 1 October to support their favourite team in the All-Star Funmatch, and stand a chance to win the epic Layla "Blazing Gun" skin and more. Players who guessed the winning team correctly will stand a chance to receive the skin along with other in-game items like emblems and trial cards.

Fans can also watch the live stream and guess the winning team by commenting its name. 6 lucky winners will be chosen to receive free Razer headphones and a gaming chair worth up to US$499 (~RM2,090). Winners will be announced on 3 October.

Additionally, there will also be 3 gift codes shown during the match where the first 3000 viewers will receive the following in-game items:

  • Magic Dust

  • Skin Trial Cards (random)

  • Lucky Emblem Packs

  • Double BP Cards

For the in-game celebration, Alpha will be getting a new super villain skin soon - General Void. From now until 15 October, players can use Moon Stones to exchange for a new support hero, Floryn. There will also be a special callback event for players to claim the "Moon Goddess Miya" skin for free through the following activities:

  1. Callback campaign - From 25 September - 15 October, players who invite their friends back to the game will receive free Moon Stones.

  2. Arcade Carnival Daily Tasks - Complete daily tasks on the Arcade Carnival to receive Moon Stones.

  3. Login event - Log in to the game from 25 September - 15 October to get Moon Stones and various in-game items. Players who log in for 6 days within the period will get to choose one of the four heroes for free: Valir, Barats, Brody, and Atlas.

  4. Easter eggs - From 28 September - 3 October, players who comment the number '5' will stand a chance to win in-game easter eggs. All heroes will be free to play from 2 - 4 October.

Other in-game activities include:

  • Players can acquire new revamped hero skins on a time-limited draw from now until 15 October.

  • Complete daily tasks and pick 2 out of 8 skins for free from now until 15 October.

  • Team up and enjoy star protection from 2 - 4 October.

  • Earn double Star-up Points from 9 - 11 October.


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