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Ministry Advises Women to 'Speak Like Doraemon' to Get Husbands to Do Housework Properly

Yeah, this isn't satire.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) recently published a list of tips for women to help make home life more tolerable during the MCO, including that gem in the headline.

Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself:

The text translates to:

If you see your partner doing something that goes against your wishes, avoid nagging - use 'humourous' words such as 'this is how you hang clothes, my love' (imitate Doraemon's tone of voice and follow up with a pampered giggle)

Yes, even the last line - though we can usually agree that 'manja' is not a term that's easily to translate in context.

There are a number of problems with this piece of advice. Firstly, it reinforces the stereotype that men are unfamiliar with or do not usually contribute to housework

It also reinforces the notion that women should behave in a subservient and demure manner to their partner, who is apparently unwilling to receive criticism in a mature and and level manner.

bang~ lepas tolong sidai baju ni i bagi u masuk pintu suka hati i lah~ hehe~

And the part about imitating Doraemon? Just shoot me now, so I don't have to exist in a world where the Ministry in charge of women's development tells us to literally behave like a cartoon character to appease our partners.

That's not all - the pictorial guidelines came in a set of 4, of which the above was the most egregious. Here are the remaining 3 (press the arrows to scroll through them)

The first one is actually pretty decent advice; it tells one to cool off by counting from 1-20 when hurtful words are said, giving one time to restore rational thought and keep a cool head before reacting. Good job on this one (and this one only).

The second one is also an affront to women everywhere - I understand the part about dressing up as you usually would, as this has apparently been proved to help one maintain a semblance of productivity and normalcy while working from home. But if women want to work while lounging in their PJs, with their hair up in a messy bun and their legs berkangkang? That's their prerogative.

Also, please don't normalise the notion that every woman wears / is obligated to wear makeup - EVEN AT HOME. That shit aint' cheap enough to be wasted at home, okay?

The third one is pretty mild compared to the Doraemon one, but still reinforces the outdated notion that it is the woman's job to 'inform' her husband of his household duties. I mean c'mon, are you really going to belittle adult men by implying that they are clueless at home? There are so many good fathers and husbands out there, why do we have to default to this outdated 'bumbling husband' stereotype?

Even if he does happen to be inexperienced at housework, he should then take the initiative to ask how he can help out, instead of putting the burden on his partner to reach out to him for assistance.

It's already 2020 - we should normalise healthy family units that function as a team, instead of reinforcing outdated gender norms.

KPWKM, please do better.

...and for the love of everything that's sacred, please do not ask your partner to hang the laundry in a Doraemon voice.


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