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Minecraft YouTuber Dream has finally reveals his face in the latest video

Dream has been teasing fans about the face reveal video for the past couple of weeks

Dream is most known for his Minecraft manhunt videos, he have uploaded a video titled "hi, I'm Dream" on Sunday. Dream was teasing his viewiers for several minutes from the start by showing his cat Patches and showing off the studio that he is working at. On Twitter, #DreamFaceReveal had been trending for days where users are predicting Dream's look. On one minute and 16 seconds into the video, Dream has finally took off his smiley face mask.

Dream said that his friend George will be moving into his house and their video would wind up showing Dream anyway. Therefore, he decided to do a big reveal to show his face and use it as a chance to thanks to his supportive fans along the years. Moreover, Dream also stated that he is going to continue making similar content to what he's been doing for. The only difference will be more in real-life content where fans can actually see his face. For his Minecraft series, he does not plan on using a camera even after face reveal. Guess Dream's wanted to keep his fans to have a sense of familiar on his Minecraft content as usual.


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