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Mighty DOOM: Bethesda reveals a "cute and deadly" shooter game for Android and iOS

Mighty DOOM is a top-down rogue-lite action shooter game for Android and iOS which will be released on March 21. The game introduces the all-new Mini Slayer, set in the animated DOOM universe, fighting his way through hordes of demons to rescue his pet bunny.

The Mighty DOOM Official Announce Trailer showcases in-game mechanics, abilities, weapon & equipment upgrades, and boss fights.

Besides that, Alpha Dog Games is currently having a pre-registration event going on. Players who registered for the game will receive in-game items as below:

  • Baron of Hell Heavy Cannon Weapon Skin

  • Cacodemon Rocket Launcher WeaponSkin

  • 3 Equipment Keys

  • 1 Weapon Key

  • 80 Crystals

If you're in the Slayers Club, you can receive an exclusive themed Mini Slayer skin for Mighty DOOM upon the release. To obtain the skin, players are required to bind their Mighty DOOM account with their Slayers Club account at launch.


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