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Microsoft Teases 'Fable' at Xbox Games Showcase

There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding this game, eh?

We have waited 10 long years for another Fable game (not the silly side content they give us to placate us so we don't riot outside their offices >:(), and at the end of Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase, we finally got what we wanted: an official teaser from the beloved series.

The graphics shown in the trailer were enough to take one's breath away (of course, cinematics should not be confused with actual in-game footage), but what kept fans on the edge of their seats was the information - or lack of it rather, as nothing except a fairy being eaten by a giant frog was shown in the trailer. Oh, and the words FABLE in giant golden font as well.

Still, Playground Games have a reputation of building delightful games, and being announced at the end of a major showcase counts for something...right? Will this be the long awaited Fable IV, a spinoff, or just more time-buying until the real thing comes out? We won't know till we have more information, but boy, are they being a tease.


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