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Microsoft Sends Two Xbox Series X’s To Lucky Gamer

Two years since their release, next-generation consoles are still hard to purchase due to the pandemic and global shortages.

The scarcity of them has made it difficult for fans to get them at retail prices. So it comes as a surprise when one lucky gamer managed to get two Xbox Series Xs by complete accident.

Reddit user _DLMurgatroyd_ shared a picture of them with two Series X consoles. Below was an order form confirming that _DLMurgatoryd_ had only ordered one unit.

Many users in the comments shared their own stories of receiving an extra unit of something they ordered, while others envied the person’s luck.

Regardless of what _DLMurgatroyd_ does with the extra Xbox Series X, we can only wish to be as lucky as them when it comes to getting free stuff.


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