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Microsoft's "CCleaner" app called PC Manager is designed to boost your computer’s performance.

For Windows 10 and above.

Microsoft is developing a PC Manager app to improve the performance of your computer. Similar to CCleaner, Microsoft's PC Manager beta features storage management, quick task termination, and the option to choose which programs launch with Windows.

Meanwhile, the storage management feature enables users to manage applications and delete those that are seldom used. A complete cleanup scan and a scan to find large files on the devices are also available.

The app's process management feature is a simplified version of the Task Manager, allowing users to fast terminate applications that are consuming RAM. Furthermore, it includes a "boost" button. By clicking on it, you will be able to remove temporary files and free up RAM.

PC Manager's public beta has surfaced on a Microsoft official website, however the site is in Chinese, showing that this tool is made for a very specific market. The application itself is intended for Windows 10 and newer and primarily targets low-end laptops and PCs.


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