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Microsoft Responds to Game Performance-hampering Windows Updates

Microsoft has responded to reports that recent Windows updates were resulting in lower gaming performance for users.

Writing on Microsoft Docs, the company said, “A small subset of users have reported lower than expected performance in games after installing KB5000842 or later updates. Most users affected by this issue are running games full screen or borderless windowed modes and using two or more monitors.”

Its solution for the issue is Known Issue Rollback (KIR), which was announced in March. The feature is described as “an important Windows servicing improvement to support non-security bug fixes, enabling us to quickly revert a single, targeted fix to a previously released behavior if a critical regression is discovered. Every month, we release monthly updates with many of quality changes “contained” using the Known Issue Rollback capability.

As brought up by Reddit user u/Denders (via PC Gamer), the KB5000842 update from March resulted in lower framerates with VSync turned on, with other user comments reporting similar issues. Meanwhile, Computer Base (via PC Gamer) reported that another Reddit user reported further issues with the KB5001330 update in April.

“Random stutter, unstable fps , Vsync seems broken sometimes, if I screen share on Discord my FPS in games become very unstable with Vsync enabled,” wrote the Redditor. “Uninstalling it makes everything back to normal.” As with the kb5000842 update thread, other comments backed up the claim that the update had negatively affected game performance.

On March 16, NVIDIA suggested rolling back the KB5000842 and KB5001330 updates to resolve the issue.

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