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Metal Slug Awakening Official Launch - Relive Your Nostalgia!

Presented by VNGGames, Metal Slug: Awakening, the freshest iteration of the iconic Metal Slug franchise licensed by SNK and developed in collaboration with Tencent, is set to embark on its official launch on August 22nd! This new rendition of Metal Slug: Awakening stands as a triumphant revival of the classic arcade game, renowned for its side-scrolling gameplay. The game now boasts enhanced visuals that pay homage to the memorable game landscapes, characters, and hidden surprises. Prepare yourselves, commanders, for an exhilarating expedition down memory lane as you take on riveting missions that blend nostalgia with excitement!

Character Model Remastered Beloved characters like Marco, Tarma, and Fio undergoes a transformative evolution with refined high-definition graphics. These graphics portray character movements with a surreal quality as well as realistic facial expression - giving the best gaming

experience that worth for it’s fans anticipation!

Next-gen Graphics

As you step into the initial phases of Metal Slug: Awakening, commanders will have the chance to rediscover the renowned World Adventure mode, faithfully reminiscent of the arcade classic. What's more, the game has undergone a comprehensive control mode transformation, granting commanders the seamless opportunity to relive the vintage side-scrolling gameplay of days gone by!

Prime Showdown PVP Battle Mode

Stepping into the Thrilling Prime Showdown PVP Battle Mode, the in-game system will automatically balance the damage, armor and HP of each commander and match-matching them with commanders of similar level– ensuring a fair gameplay from time to time. Among all the newly upgraded maps, each commander would be able to freely pick three characters to team up and compete with opponents – while retaining complete control over the characters’ movements on the battlefield. They will engage in combat with Bosses for level-ups and seize numerous strength-empowering resources. Through a strategic combination of skills and vehicles, commanders can defeat opponents and Bosses with a breeze, acquiring prestigious badges and thus ascending to the highest leaderboard player.

Introducing the first ever Roguelike【Hot Pursuit】Game Mode

Other than the PVP mode, Metal Slug: Awakening also introduces a new roguelike game mode : Hot Persuit. Each Hot Pursuit consists of 10 small levels which with the completion of each level, the system will randomly select three skill enhancements from the total four skills: summon, black hole, barrage & skills - enabling commanders to choose one of their most preferred options in strengthening their BUFF before entering the next level.

Pre-register Now!

Metal Slug: Awakening has reached a groundbreaking pre-registration milestone, with over 2 million commanders registered to date. The greater the number of registered commanders, the more rewarding the prizes they will receive, including the Eri Kasamoto character. So don't wait any longer, become a part of Metal Slug: Awakening now!

For more information about Metal Slug: Awakening, stay tuned to the official fans page for first-hand information! 【Official Social & Community Channel】


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