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Meta Will Delete Ad Targeting Groups Related to Sensitive Topics

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram is blocking detailed ad targeting options that show ads based on interactions with content related to “sensitive” topics, including race or ethnicity, religious views, political beliefs, sexual orientation, health, and more, in a Meta for Business blog post.

It's a move that Meta knows could hurt some businesses as Graham Mudd, Meta’s Vice President for Marketing and Ads wrote in the post, "We’ve heard concerns from experts that targeting options like these could be used in ways that lead to negative experiences for people in underrepresented groups.", but the company believes the new change could improve its ad platform to serve its users without hurting business connections.

In early 2022, users will have more control over the ads they see like the option to see fewer ads related to weight loss, gambling, and more. They can now opt to see fewer ads linked to politics, parenting, alcohol, and pets.


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