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Meta Quest Pro VR headset design leaked in unboxing video

Meta Quest Pro, refers as Project Cambria VR headset sample unit has been leaked by a hotel worker.

Ramiro Cardenas have posted images in the "Oculus Quest 2" Facebook group's comment section today that appeared to show Meta Quest Pro packaging labelled "NOT FOR RESALE - ENGINEERING SAMPLE." Cardenas claimed the items were left in the hotel he works. The packaging is identical to that used in Quest 2 and the storage size is stated in the top right.

Cardenas posted the unboxing video on his Facebook gaming page unboxing the Quest Pro because people does not believed the image was real. Though this minor leak about Quest Pro VR headset doesn't says a lot about the future VR headset could be, it could possibly be as small as a pair of glasses as this Meta Quest Pro VR system is substantially smaller than any other on the market.


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