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Meta introduces "Community Chat" that functions like Discord

A new way to connect with people that shares the same interest.

Meta Facebook is announcing "Community Chat" feature that allow group organizer to start a live chat groups that includes up to 30 members at a time with the support of audio channel. It also enables group member to turn on their camera or present their screen to broadcast about things they wanted to share.

As announced by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook will begin testing the ability for people to start up community chats in the Messenger in the following week. Members within community chat will be able to have a real-time communication with the community members in multiple formats to convey their messages in the form of text, audio and video as mentioned earlier.

On top of that, to always ensure the community standards of Facebook are not violated, Admins who create the community chat will be able to access to a handful of moderation tools to organize the group. The "Admin Assist" feature allows them to create a list of words or phrases that will be automatically flagged and take action against it. Also, admins will have the ability to mute, block and suspend the individuals that break the community rules. Lastly, they can also host an admin-only chat to commute between the moderation team.


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