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Meet Ballie, Samsung's New Robot That's Takes Charge of Your Smart Home

Wall-E? Pfft. I'd rather have Ballie.

Samsung just announced their new rolling robot that's basically your companion, housekeeper, and dogsitter all in one.

Well, I mean it does more than that, but that's what I got after watching that too-adorable video that they shared on Twitter.

Apart from being your personal alarm clock and cleaning up after your pooch, Samsung says that Ballie is also designed to act as a fitness assistant, and can even call for help if it sees you fall and can't get up. Basically, Ballie acts as a remote control for your entire smart home - turning on lights, ordering around your other smart gadgets, and monitoring its surroundings.

Worried about privacy? Samsung claims that Ballie is held to 'stringent data protection and privacy standards'. My only complaint right now is that Ballie does not yet come with a custom BB-8 skin.


You heard it from us first ;)


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