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Malaysians Are Searching for 'Coronavirus' on Pornhub Now

You filthy animals. You like being coughed on, don't you?

Now, we don't kink-shame here Salty News Network, but this baffles us. Did y'all accidentally search for info on the wrong tab? Were you looking for sexy PSAs or nurse roleplays? Or do you simply have a fetish for dry coughs?

Whatever it is, we're really not surprised to see Pornhub's activity shoot through the roof, since people need to fill their empty hands and newfound alone time with something more stimulating.

We're just slightly concerned to see the amount of people searching for a pandemic-causing virus on a porn site - but then again, what makes you feel dirtier than a globetrotting virus that wiped supermarkets shelves clean of hand sanitiser?

When I say that Malaysians are included in this demographic, I mean we're included big time. As of 1 week ago, Malaysians came in at a respectable 4th place on the list of countries most often searching for Coronavirus.

Our fellow netizens have searched for Coronovirus 84% more than the average country - and that was before the 2-week restricted movement order.

Now that we have 14 glorious days of absolutely nothing on our hands, who's to say those hands won't be filled up with more tissue and lotion soon?

Stay clean, Malaysians - and remember to wash your hands after.


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