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Losing Weight While Playing Video Games - To Good to be True? This Guy Did It

If you're big on stereotypes, you're surely familiar with the stereotypical image of a gamer - either pasty and scrawny from the lack of exposure to sunlight and exercise, or obese, unwashed, and still living in their parents' basement.

*tips fedora*

Well, it's 2020 now, and that means we're (hopefully) leaving the negative stereotypes of unfit gamers in the last decade.

2 days ago, gamer Migui Minaj posted his results after just 30 days of playing Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness adventure designed for the Nintendo Switch.

Thank you, auto-translate

He played for 25 minutes a day while maintaining a healthy diet, and the results are astounding! He looks leaner, stands up straighter, and his jawline made a magical comeback.

Hard work paying off

If you're not familiar with Ring Fit Adventure, you can have a look at its trailer, which made waves in September last year - not for its amazing concept, but its terrifyingly creepy android-like presenters. Trust me, it's worth the watch:

If you're interested in going on the same adventure, you can pick up Ring Fit Adventure from most major gaming retailers from anywhere between RM349 to RM429.

The price has increased due to a surge in popularity near the end of last year, and you might have to pre-order it as stock seems to be quite limited in Malaysia.

Do note you'll need a Nintendo Switch console to play the game though - so if you don't have one already, that might mean dropping another RM1,300 to start your fitness journey.

Still cheaper than a year-long membership to some gyms though - and way more fun for sure!


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