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Life Is Strange TV Adaptation Is Still Happening with Shawn Mendes Overseeing the Music

Dontnod Entertainment's Life Is Strange episodic adventure game first announced a TV series adaptation back in 2016 but there has been no news about the series since. Recently, it is confirmed to be still in the works and has enlisted Grammy-nominated singer, Shawn Mendes to oversee the music of the series, according to IGN.

Anonymous Content, the company behind 13 Reasons Why, will also join the production of Life Is Strange. The video game follows the story of a photography senior, Maxine "Max" Caulfield, who discovers that she can rewind time while trying to save her friend, Chloe Price.

When the TV adaptation was announced, there was only the first game of the franchise. But it now has several games including the upcoming Life Is Strange: True Colours. Each of the games includes music, mostly from indie bands. With Mendes joining the production team, fans can expect the music emphasis in the video games will be brought to the TV adaptation too.

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