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LG unveils new gaming UI and introduces new cloud-gaming service

LG is expanding the experience of gaming on its latest TVs, adding new cloud-gaming service to allow people to access to the game easily. Require no PC, consoles or game installations, cloud-gaming platform make gaming more accessible than ever. Blacknut and Utomic Cloud arriving on LG TVs in September and November delivering a wealth of titles spanning classic AAA games, indie favourites, story-driven adventures, sports, strategy and more. To access the game library, users have to subscribe to monthly subscription which constantly adding new titles of game in it.

Blacknut offers subscribers with over 500 PC and consoles game, with the variety of premium content that support up to 5 player's profile. The Blacknut catalogue offers the largest collection of sports and racing game in the cloud spaces but also includes critically acclaimed hits such as Metro Exodus, Overcooked and more. While Utomic Cloud presents 1,300+ PC games library covering diverse genres with indie favourites such as Coffee Talk, My Time at Portia and much more among the platform highlights.

The new cloud-gaming services will be available starting on this month on LG App Store with LG TVs running webOS 6.0 and webOS2022. With the new gaming UI update on LG TVs brings up the Gaming Shelf that allow range of popular cloud-gaming services to be found easily including NVIDIA Geforce Now and other gaming services in the future.


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