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LG to Roll Out 2021 LG Soundbar Line-Up This Month

LG has announced that it is initiating the rollout of its 2021 LG Soundbar line-up, which consist of the SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y, and SPD7Y, this April. The new soundbar models will first roll out in “key markets in Europe and North America”, and more models will arrive later this year.

The new LG Soundbar line-up sports the LG TV AI Sound Pro and TV Sound Mode Share features, Apple AirPlay 2 support, as well as compatibility with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. They all have Music Mode with Meridian Audio tuning and Meridian technology as well as the new Meridian Horizon, which up-mixes two channel stereo content. Additionally, they have Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support and Dolby Vision compatibility through 4K pass-through.

Aside from that, many of the new soundbars sport HDMI eARC support, USB playback and Bluetooth streaming, as well as Hi-Res Audio certification and AI Room Calibration.

LG is also aiming to be eco-friendly with its new line-up, with the company saying that many of the new soundbar model cases use recycled material, while the entire line-up has L-shaped packaging that primarily uses recycled moulded pulp and a significantly lesser amount of EPS foam and plastic. It says that its new soundbars have an SGS Eco Product Certification in addition to Global Recycled Standard-compliant certification and UL environmental claim validation.

Below are the models’ specs:


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