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LG Announces 2022 OLED TV Lineup with Brighter Panels

LG is expanding its OLED TV lineup this year with the C2 and G2 series, adding up to 11 models of different sizes, ranging from 42-inch to 97-inch. The company says that the 2022 models will include better 4L upscaling, improved tone mapping, and a greater sense of depth through foreground object enhancement.

LG 2022 G2 OLED TV

The G2 model features OLED Evo with "Brightness Booster", which represents a new brighter panel with a heatsink. It should have above 1000 nits of brightness under certain conditions. Meanwhile, the C2 will also come with the OLED Evo panel but without "Brightness Booster" and should have up to 900 nits of peak brightness.

LG 2022 C2 OLED TV

The 2022 lineup will support the smart home industry's new Matter standard, which allows users to control devices' lights and thermostats directly from the TV. For gamers, LG has updated the Game Optimiser, adding an additional feature and preset toggles to the menu for easier access. All the G2 and C2 models will support G-Sync, FreeSync, and variable refresh rates.

Another update on the TVs is the latest webOS 22, which ass personal profiles for users to only see the streaming services they tend to watch. It will provide more tailored recommendations too.

The G2 series will be available in 5 sizes: 55", 65", 77", 83", and 97". On the other hand the C2 series will come in 6 sizes, including 42", 48", 55", 65", 77", and 83".


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