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Legends of Runeterra Enters Open Beta on January 24th - Features New Boards, Guardians, and Emotes

Good news for those who have been salivating over League of Legends' upcoming card game since its announcement during League's 10th anniverysary celebration: Legends of Runeterra is officially entering open beta on 24th January.

And if you've already had access to the closed beta, you'll be able to access open beta a day earlier on 23rd January, along with any player who pre-registers before 19th January.

Riot has announced that this will be the final reset, meaning that anything you buy or earn during open beta will be carried forward until launch and are forever yours.

Time to farm dem rewards

New features announced include a brand-new ranked mode with ranks that match League's - Iron to Masters - as well as a Social Panel where you can assert dominance and challenge all your existing League friends to 1v1 battles.

Hope you're better at this game than at League :)

There will new boards and custom music that corresponds to each area, emotes, as well as three adorable new guardians. Every player who participates in the open beta will also receive an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian to keep you company on the game board.

Unfortunately, the open beta is only for PC players, with the Mobile version coming along later in 2020 with cross-platform play enabled.

You can watch the full announcement here:

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