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Left4Dead-Inspired "Back4Blood" is Entering Closed Alpha Soon

Call your friends and prepare for a nostalgia trip - your favourite co-op zombie survival titles has been reincarnated in a new form. Turtle Rock Studios, who worked on the original Left4Dead, has announced Back4Blood, which seems to be a new and improved version of the game we all know and love.

You'll be choosing from 8 playable characters called "Cleaners", all of whom have their own distinct personality, secondary weapon, and character perk. The zombies, which are known as "The Ridden", come in several different flavours, including the Stinger, Retch, the adorably-named Tallboy, as well as the Ogre, which appears to be a Tank on steroids.

The studio claims that gameplay will be dynamically adjusted by the Game Director, so you won't experience the same playthrough twice. At the start of each round, "corruption cards" will be dealt; these are basically modifiers to switch up the mechanics for a fresh take on gameplay. You can further modify your experience by playing your own "setup cards" to suit your playstyle.

According to the trailer, we can look forward to Back4Blood's release on 22 June 2021. In the meantime, you can sign up for the closed alpha test, which begins tomorrow, 17 Dec, and will last until 21 Dec.


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