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Kingdom Hearts Game Series Will Be on Steam on June 13!

The Kingdom Hearts game series is set to be fully released on Steam from June 13th onwards!

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that follows the main protagonist Sora, a Keyblade wielder, as he travels to many Disney worlds with Donald and Goofy to stop the Heartless invasion by sealing each world's keyhole and restore peace to the realms.

The game was developed by Square Enix, creators of other incredible gaming franchises such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Kingdom Hearts first debuted in 2002, where it won the hearts of many with its quirky combination of Japanese style design and Disney characters. Since its release, fans are capable of playing the gamers on various platforms such as the Game Boy, PSP, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 4.

News regarding its Steam announcement was made via by their social media channels, such as Twitter. The package which is the entire Kingdom Hearts games will be called the Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece. In addition to this, a trailer regarding the Steam announcement is set to be premiered on May 21 2024, 11pm (GMT+8) on the Kingdom Hearts official YouTube channel!

Kingdom Hearts fans definitely have something to look forward to now, this June 13th!


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