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Join the Codashop Blessed Quest to Win Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals and More

Survivors, if you're on your quest to collect as many Primogems as you can to pull for let's say the upcoming characters like Itto or Shenhe, this is your chance to win Genesis Crystals with Codashop! In conjunction with HoYo Fest: Genshin Impact, Codashop is collaborating with myBurgerLab for the exclusive "Codashop Blessed Quest" event.

Influencers Josette and Nessarose will be at the myBurgerLab outlet on 4 and 5 December respectively from 12pm - 3pm.

To join the contest, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Take a photo with the cosplayers.

  2. Scan a QR code and ask for a secret code from the cosplayers.

  3. Upload the photos on Codashop's landing page and fill in your information as well as the secret code given by the cosplayers.

The prizes of the contest are as follows:

  • The first 10 entries on each day will win 2,240 Crystals worth RM129.90

  • The next 100 entries will win 120 Genesis Crystals worth RM6

  • myBurgerLab food vouchers (limited to first 110 users only on each day) - digital vouchers


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