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iPhone 13 Might Have Face ID that Works with Masks and Foggy Glasses

Since the pandemic started, one of the most common problems that modern mobile phone users face is not being recognised by the Face ID feature. Nowadays, many of us rely on the face recognition feature to unlock our smartphones and when we're wearing masks outdoors, they can't read our faces properly. Fortunately, Apple is reportedly working on a revamped and narrowed Face ID array for its iPhone users.

According to FrontPageTech, Apple is currently testing a prototype case that sports a new Face ID array, featuring a sensor that allows the Face ID to recognize the users' faces even when they are wearing masks and fogged-up glasses. Additionally, Apple has also tested it both indoors and outdoors with different styles of glasses and masks.

According to the CAD render, the new array may be available for the upcoming iPhone 13 as the front-facing camera location within the array is located on the left instead of the right like what is on the iPhone 12.


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